Landscaping Services:

Upper River Property Services LLC. is a full service landscaping company that has been serving Annapolis, Maryland for over 15 years. We combine experienced landscape design and art to create landscape masterpieces that will be the envy of your neighborhood. We understand the local climate, ground conditions and overall environment and use this to your advantage in offering the best solution for your landscaping needs.


New landscape installations
Renovations of existing landscapes
Native plantings
General landscaping maintenance
Drainage solutions
Lawn Service
Leaf removal
Yearly landscaping contracts

Hardscaping Services

Upper River Property Services LLC. incorporates hardscapes into a project to be both useful and beautiful. We will help you throughout the entire planning process and handle all phases of design, permits and installation. We believe in using the best quality landscaping materials and products and materials to ensure that you will get many years of enjoyment.


Pavers Driveways
Ecostone Driveways
Gravel Driveways
Stone Driveways
Driveway Sealing


Paver Walkways
Stone Walkways
Pervious Paver Walkways
Flagstone Walkways


Paver Patios
Stone Patios
Pervious Paver Patios
Flagstone Patios

Retaining Walls

Stacked Stone Retaining Walls
Segmented Block Retaining Walls
Timber Retaining Walls
Living Walls

Home & Property Sealcoating

Your driveway is the gateway to your home. Professional sealcoating and crack sealing of your homes driveway will save you money and prolong its life. Our unique process and materials will slow oxidation, prevent water penetration, and improve appearance.


Upper River Property Services LLC. has designed a number of driveways in the Southern New Jersey area using a variety of materials including pervious pavers, natural stone and eco-stone. A beautiful paver driveway can help your home stand out from the others in the neighborhood and add curb appeal.








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